Coronavirus and your health

Learn more about COVID-19 and diabetes.   |   Precautions for patients facing higher risks
Anthony had long known about a heart condition that caused his heart to race, but the EMS professional was unaware of his type 2 diabetes until the day he nearly died.
Changes in Annette’s vision and her father’s sudden death from a heart attack prompted her to get serious about controlling her type 2 diabetes.
Refusing to surrender to a trio of potentially debilitating chronic conditions, Jane surrounded herself with experts—then became a patient advocate to help people like her.
Joey has had more than his share of type 2 diabetes complications. But then came the stunner: an out-of-the-blue, life-threatening diagnosis with end-stage kidney disease.
Karen knew she could thrive with type 2 diabetes if she managed it well. Then circumstances interfered with her medication plan and she suffered a stroke.
Lupe has overcome uncertainty with restored confidence, removing barriers that kept her from managing her type 2 diabetes to claim her second chance at the life of her dreams.