Coronavirus and your health

Learn more about COVID-19 and diabetes.   |   Precautions for patients facing higher risks

Past Events

Get Motivated to Get Moving
Staying active can help with diabetes management and heart health. We’ll talk about the small steps you can take to incorporate physical activity into your daily life.
Managing Mental Health During COVID-19
There is a lot of uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, which may lead to added stress on top of managing your diabetes. Our guest expert will talk about ways to cope and engage with your support systems when you may be physically distanced from friends and family.
Make the Most of Your Health Care Visits
Visits with your health care providers can feel overwhelming at times. Learn tips on how to prepare for visits with your diabetes care team and questions to ask to get the support you need.
Diabetes by the Numbers
There are many numbers your health care provider discusses with you. Learn what numbers you should keep track of and what they all mean.
Best Foot Forward: Type 2 Footcare
Diabetes can affect your feet by reducing blood flow and causing nerve damage. We’ll discuss what you can do to keep your feet healthy.
Preventing Diabetes Eye Disease
In this ATE we will answer questions about how to prevent Diabetes Eye Disease.