Coronavirus and your health

Learn more about COVID-19 and diabetes.   |   Precautions for patients facing higher risks

Past Events

Neuropathy and PAD: Minimizing the Risks of Amputation
We will review what steps you can take to prevent the risk of developing neuropathy and peripheral artery disease, and treatment strategies if you are already experiencing pain or numbness.
Transitional Periods of Life and Managing Your Diabetes
There may be times when life events change the way you manage your diabetes. Ask questions and learn where to find support during these times and the importance of revisiting your diabetes care and education specialist to help you on your new journey.
Ask the Experts en Español: Diabetes tipo 2 y riesgo de ECV
Únase a nosotros para el evento Ask the Experts (Pregunta a Los Expertos), Diabetes tipo 2 y riesgo de enfermedad cardiovascular el 12 de julio para conocer la conexión entre la diabetes y el riesgo de enfermedad cardiovascular. Haga sus preguntas y aprenda cómo reducir su riesgo de desarrollar complicaciones cardíacas y qué tratamientos están disponibles.
Type 2 Diabetes and CVD Risk
Join us for the Ask the Experts event, Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Risk on July 12 to learn about the connection between diabetes and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Ask your questions and learn how to reduce your risk of developing heart complications and what treatments are available.
Partnering with Clinicians: Conversations to Have with Your Health Care Professional
Ask your questions and learn how to best communicate with your health care team. This includes keeping a list of pertinent questions, sharing concerns both physical and mental, requesting a written list of your goals and accomplishments, and scheduling your next visit.
Reducing the Risk of Stroke
People living with diabetes have a higher risk of developing a stroke than those without diabetes. Our expert will explore ways to prevent a stroke and treatment strategies if you have a stroke. Join us to learn excellent tips to help reduce your risk.