Coronavirus and your health

Learn more about COVID-19 and diabetes.   |   Precautions for patients facing higher risks

2022 Events

What Types of Medication Help with Your Diabetes Management
Learn which diabetes medications help keep you healthy and how they work, and which ones may also help reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.
Technology and Diabetes Health
Learn how apps, smart pens, sensors, pumps and heart monitors can help to provide you with options to manage your diabetes and overall health.
Trouble Sleeping at Night? Lack of Sleep Can Impact Your Health
Let’s take a nap! Sleep plays a role in cardiovascular disease, heart health, diabetes, and mental health. Learn ways to improve your quality of sleep.
Healthy Eating when Juggling More Than Diabetes
Food choices matter in treating heart and kidney disease. Get tips from an expert on eating healthy when you have diabetes and other diseases.
Lifestyle Choices Matter. How to Quit Bad Habits
Quality lifestyle habits such as healthy eating and exercise have positive outcomes. However, good habits can be negatively impacted by bad ones. Gain tools from your health care team on how to quit smoking and other harmful habits.
Now What? Life After Diabetes Complications
Learn about therapies and services commonly used after diabetes related complications. This session will discuss physical therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, occupational therapy and more.