Coronavirus and your health

Learn more about COVID-19 and diabetes.   |   Precautions for patients facing higher risks

2022 Events

Just Do It! Being Active May Be the Most Important Contribution to Your Health
Learn about the importance of blood glucose (blood sugar) management in all activity levels from desk exercises to high-intensity sports.
Managing Your Blood Pressure May Help Preserve Your Heart and Kidneys
If you have diabetes, it may be time to start regularly monitoring your blood pressure and blood glucose (blood sugar). Hear from our experts on how blood pressure management can help prevent heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease for people with diabetes.
Labs, Scans and More!
Stay ahead with routine and preventive health screenings. Learn about common tests for people with diabetes that help detect and prevent complications.
Ask the Experts: Prevention and Treatment of Heart Disease and Stroke
Are you at risk for heart disease or stroke? Having diabetes puts you at a higher risk of developing vascular issues. Learn the signs and symptoms and prevention methods.
How to Prevent and Treat Kidney Disease
Staying active can help with diabetes management and heart health. We’ll talk about the small steps you can take to incorporate physical activity into your daily life.