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Past Events

Type 2 and Kidney Health: What’s the Link?
Learn the link between blood glucose (blood sugar) management and kidney health and how healthy lifestyle changes can benefit both.
How to Lower Your Risk for Heart Disease if You Have Type 2 Diabetes
Join us to discuss the risks of heart disease and stroke that impacts people living with diabetes.
Courageous Conversations to Reduce Heart Disease and Stroke Risk
Speaking up for yourself amongst professionals may seem intimidating. Learn how to make yourself heard with your care team to minimize your risk for heart disease and stroke.
What Types of Medication Help with Your Diabetes Management
Learn which diabetes medications help keep you healthy and how they work, and which ones may also help reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.
Pregúntele a los Expertos: Cómo Tomar la Iniciativa en el Cuidado de la Salud: Qué Discutir con tu Equipo de Diabetes
Aprende a liderar tu equipo de cuidado de la diabetes ganando confianza en ti mismo/a, sabiendo de qué hablar y defendiéndote ante tu equipo.
Technology and Diabetes Health
Learn how apps, smart pens, sensors, pumps and heart monitors can help to provide you with options to manage your diabetes and overall health.