Inspiring Stories

Know Diabetes by Heart Ambassadors are national volunteers managing their type 2 diabetes and modifying their risk for heart disease and stroke. They share their personal stories to inspire you on your own journey with T2D.


Changes in Annette’s vision and her father’s sudden death from a heart attack prompted her to get serious about controlling her type 2 diabetes.
Anthony had long known about a heart condition that caused his heart to race, but the EMS professional was unaware of his type 2 diabetes until the day he nearly died.
Refusing to surrender to a trio of potentially debilitating chronic conditions, Jane surrounded herself with experts—then became a patient advocate to help people like her.
Karen knew she could thrive with type 2 diabetes if she managed it well. Then circumstances interfered with her medication plan and she suffered a stroke.
Lupe has overcome uncertainty with restored confidence, removing barriers that kept her from managing her type 2 diabetes to claim her second chance at the life of her dreams.
When Sarah was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after losing her husband to heart complications from the same condition, she vowed to fight back.


Media personality helps others face the facts he didn’t about diabetes and heart disease. As a journalist, Rob Taub knows the importance of facts. But…
Dallas filmmaker to chronicle 100-pound weight-loss journey. After being told by his doctor he was prediabetic, Brandon Lewis kept the news to himself, not even…
Dallas teacher trains for 10K after heart attack. Christina Herrera wasn’t shocked when she learned she had type 2 diabetes. The disease had long been…
Soccer mom fights back after diabetes led to stroke, heart attack. When diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at age 33, Hyvelle Ferguson Davis never suspected…
Her journey with diabetes and heart disease inspired her to educate others. With age comes wisdom, the saying goes, but Jacqueline Alikhaani wishes she’d been more aware and informed about heart health and diabetes when she was younger.
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