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Do you have questions about your diabetes care team, how to make lifestyle changes, or even how to prevent and lower your risk of heart disease and stroke when living with diabetes?

Well look no further—our free Ask the Experts Q&A series is here for you. We know it can be challenging to navigate all the information and questions you might have about diabetes, whether you live with it yourself or care for someone who does.

Ask the Experts can help you tackle some of the issues commonly faced by people living with diabetes. During these live online sessions, you’ll also learn more about the relationship between diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Each month, we cover a different topic. So, why not join us live, online, or on the phone and ask your questions to our ADA diabetes experts in a safe and understanding space?

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Current Events

How to Determine a Healthy Weight for You
Join us as we discuss the importance of a healthy target weight, as well as being mindful of your target weight in respect to managing chronic diseases if you have diabetes.

Past Events

High Blood Pressure and Type 2 Diabetes: The Impact on Health
Join us as we discuss the impact of blood pressure on your body. From eyes to heart to kidneys, blood pressure management is key to your overall health.
Medications: managing and lowering risk for CVD, stroke and kidney disease
Understanding your medications can be overwhelming. What medications are right for me? Are there side effects? Who can I ask questions about them? Join us as we discuss medications used to manage diabetes.
Type 2 and Kidney Health: What’s the Link?
Learn the link between blood glucose (blood sugar) management and kidney health and how healthy lifestyle changes can benefit both.
How to Lower Your Risk for Heart Disease if You Have Type 2 Diabetes
Join us to discuss the risks of heart disease and stroke that impacts people living with diabetes.
Courageous Conversations to Reduce Heart Disease and Stroke Risk
Speaking up for yourself amongst professionals may seem intimidating. Learn how to make yourself heard with your care team to minimize your risk for heart disease and stroke.
What Types of Medication Help with Your Diabetes Management
Learn which diabetes medications help keep you healthy and how they work, and which ones may also help reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.
Pregúntele a los Expertos: Cómo Tomar la Iniciativa en el Cuidado de la Salud: Qué Discutir con tu Equipo de Diabetes
Aprende a liderar tu equipo de cuidado de la diabetes ganando confianza en ti mismo/a, sabiendo de qué hablar y defendiéndote ante tu equipo.
Technology and Diabetes Health
Learn how apps, smart pens, sensors, pumps and heart monitors can help to provide you with options to manage your diabetes and overall health.
Trouble Sleeping at Night? Lack of Sleep Can Impact Your Health
Let’s take a nap! Sleep plays a role in cardiovascular disease, heart health, diabetes, and mental health. Learn ways to improve your quality of sleep.
Pregúntale a los Expertos: Cómo Controlar la Diabetes para Reducir el Riesgo de Cardiopatías, Accidentes Cerebrovasculares y Enfermedades Renales
Aprenda sobre la relación entre la diabetes, el corazón y los riñones. Discutiremos los factores clave del estilo de vida y el manejo de enfermedades que pueden ayudarlo a vivir su mejor vida.
Healthy Eating when Juggling More Than Diabetes
Food choices matter in treating heart and kidney disease. Get tips from an expert on eating healthy when you have diabetes and other diseases.
Lifestyle Choices Matter. How to Quit Bad Habits
Quality lifestyle habits such as healthy eating and exercise have positive outcomes. However, good habits can be negatively impacted by bad ones. Gain tools from your health care team on how to quit smoking and other harmful habits.
Now What? Life After Diabetes Complications
Learn about therapies and services commonly used after diabetes related complications. This session will discuss physical therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, occupational therapy and more.
Just Do It! Being Active May Be the Most Important Contribution to Your Health
Learn about the importance of blood glucose (blood sugar) management in all activity levels from desk exercises to high-intensity sports.
Managing Your Blood Pressure May Help Preserve Your Heart and Kidneys
If you have diabetes, it may be time to start regularly monitoring your blood pressure and blood glucose (blood sugar). Hear from our experts on how blood pressure management can help prevent heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease for people with diabetes.
Labs, Scans and More!
Stay ahead with routine and preventive health screenings. Learn about common tests for people with diabetes that help detect and prevent complications.
How to Prevent and Treat Kidney Disease
Ask the Experts: Prevention and Treatment of Heart Disease and Stroke
Are you at risk for heart disease or stroke? Having diabetes puts you at a higher risk of developing vascular issues. Learn the signs and symptoms and prevention methods.
How to Take the Lead in Your Health Care: What to discuss with Your Diabetes Team
Join us for the Ask the Experts event “How to Take the Lead in Your Health Care: What to Discuss with Your Diabetes Team”. You are the leader of your health care team. Build your confidence and advocate for yourself within your care team.
Healthy Eating and Traveling During the Holidays
Join us for the Ask the Experts event, Healthy Eating and Traveling During the Holidays on December 13. The holidays can be a wonderful time with family and friends, but also a difficult time to manage your diabetes. Join us and ask our expert questions to help you balance diabetes management, travel, and the abundance of high carbohydrate foods and alcohol that can show up at holiday gatherings.
Diabetes Stress: Does it Differ from Clinical Depression?
People with diabetes are likely to have diabetes distress and are more likely to be diagnosed with depression than a person without diabetes. Ask your questions and get tips on how to cope with life’s added stress of having diabetes.
ATE en Español: La diabetes tipo 2 y la conexión familiar
Diabetes no solo afecta a la persona que la padece, también afecta a toda la familia. Incluir a miembros de la familia en las conversaciones con tu equipo.
Ask the Experts: Type 2 Diabetes and the Family Connection
Diabetes doesn’t just impact the person that has it, the entire family is affected too. Including key family members in discussions with your care team can help support you and ease the questions and concerns they may have about your health. Join us to decide whether you want to include your family members in your diabetes discussions or if you can be that support for someone else.
Neuropathy and PAD: Minimizing the Risks of Amputation
We will review what steps you can take to prevent the risk of developing neuropathy and peripheral artery disease, and treatment strategies if you are already experiencing pain or numbness.
Transitional Periods of Life and Managing Your Diabetes
There may be times when life events change the way you manage your diabetes. Ask questions and learn where to find support during these times and the importance of revisiting your diabetes care and education specialist to help you on your new journey.
Ask the Experts en Español: Diabetes tipo 2 y riesgo de ECV
Únase a nosotros para el evento Ask the Experts (Pregunta a Los Expertos), Diabetes tipo 2 y riesgo de enfermedad cardiovascular el 12 de julio para conocer la conexión entre la diabetes y el riesgo de enfermedad cardiovascular. Haga sus preguntas y aprenda cómo reducir su riesgo de desarrollar complicaciones cardíacas y qué tratamientos están disponibles.
Type 2 Diabetes and CVD Risk
Join us for the Ask the Experts event, Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Risk on July 12 to learn about the connection between diabetes and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Ask your questions and learn how to reduce your risk of developing heart complications and what treatments are available.
Partnering with Clinicians: Conversations to Have with Your Health Care Professional
Ask your questions and learn how to best communicate with your health care team. This includes keeping a list of pertinent questions, sharing concerns both physical and mental, requesting a written list of your goals and accomplishments, and scheduling your next visit.
Reducing the Risk of Stroke
People living with diabetes have a higher risk of developing a stroke than those without diabetes. Our expert will explore ways to prevent a stroke and treatment strategies if you have a stroke. Join us to learn excellent tips to help reduce your risk.
Spring into Action – The Link Between Diabetes Management and Exercise
Our expert will provide you with information on how exercise can contribute to better blood glucose (blood sugar) management and improved overall health. This includes reducing your risk for heart disease and stroke. Learn about how to get started and stay motivated!
Does Kidney Disease Have to Happen?
Ask your questions and learn how to protect your kidneys from damage when you have diabetes. We will explore preventative tips, how to maintain the kidney function you have, and optional treatments to discuss with your care team.
Keeping Your Heart Healthy—What to Do
Ask your questions and learn how to make choices that will help to keep your heart healthy and strong. There are lots of preventative strategies to help you keep your heart healthy, including exercise and food choices. We will teach you how to make healthy decisions so you can take charge of your health!
Getting Started – Organizing the Diabetes To Do List
Remembering to schedule appointments with the ophthalmologist, endocrinologist, podiatrist and more – it is hard to get organized with all the tasks that enable you to manage your diabetes.
Support During the Holiday Season
Even though holidays can be exciting, they can also add layers of stress and frustration. We’ll talk through ways to stay positive and enjoy this time of year.
Find Support From a Diabetes Educator
Listen-in to learn why everyone should have a diabetes educator on their team. We’ll talk about established diabetes education programs and how to enroll in one today.
Prepping for Travel with Diabetes
By car, bus, train or plane—how do you plan for travel when you have diabetes? We’ll cover topics from taking a cooler full of food on your road trip, to eating out, to keeping your medication at the right temperature.
Health Insurance Planning
During this event we encourage you to ask about options for health insurance. We’ll talk through how to make sure you get considered for a medication or treatment you may need that may not be covered.
Diabetes takes a team—who’s on yours?
There are a variety of professionals that can help guide your treatment choices when you have diabetes. Discover who should be on your team.
Meal Prep During the Summer Months
We’ll talk about incorporating summer produce into healthy meals that are quick and easy. Learn how to follow the Diabetes Plate Method when you’re eating out, going to a summer BBQ, staying in and more.
Start and Maintain an Active Lifestyle
Physical activity is an important part of diabetes management. Our expert will talk through options to stay active even if your mobility is limited due to injury or health conditions.
Diabetes and Stroke-Am I at risk?
If you have diabetes, your chances of having a stroke are 1.5 times higher than in people who don’t have diabetes. We will discuss lifestyle options and medication management to reduce your risk.
Kidney Disease and Diabetes
During this Q&A, we will discuss the contributing factors for developing kidney disease, the stages that can occur over time and treatment strategies.
Lifestyle Choices to Protect Your Heart
We will discuss lifestyle choices to embrace and those to avoid to reduce your risk of heart disease. We’ll cover food and beverage choices, physical activity, smoking cessation and more.
Nutrition in the New Year
We will discuss strategies for creating a healthy meal plan and suggest the best way to space out meals and snacks for optimal diabetes management.
The Gift of Group Support
Managing diabetes can be overwhelming at times, but you are not alone. Get support from family, friends, health care providers, and others who are also managing diabetes.
Healthy Food Swaps for the Holiday Season
The holiday season often means bringing family and friends together to share meals. Learn about healthy swaps and portion control and ask your questions of our nutrition expert.
Navigating Insurance to Get the Diabetes Care You Need
Insurance coverage shouldn’t be a barrier to getting the care you need to manage your diabetes. We’ll address the questions you have and help you navigate your health insurance options.
Preventing Diabetes Eye Disease
In this ATE we will answer questions about how to prevent Diabetes Eye Disease.
Best Foot Forward: Type 2 Footcare
Diabetes can affect your feet by reducing blood flow and causing nerve damage. We’ll discuss what you can do to keep your feet healthy.
Diabetes by the Numbers
There are many numbers your health care provider discusses with you. Learn what numbers you should keep track of and what they all mean.