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Tips for Traveling with Diabetes
You are headed on a trip, but you have hesitations. What if I run out of my medications and other diabetes supplies? What about my exercise plan? How do I figure out how to eat healthy on the road
Preparing Healthy Meals for the Whole Family!
Some people are just easy to please and ready to eat whatever is set before them. Other people are so picky it seems like nothing pleases them, and especially if it is considered “healthy” or “good for you.”
The Latest on COVID-19 Prevention, Vaccination and Safety for People Living with Type 2 Diabetes
If you have type 2 diabetes, you might be feeling confused about the changing medical advice about COVID-19 and diabetes. It all starts with vaccines. If you get your COVID-19 shot and boosters, you’re well on your way.
3 Kidney-Related Questions to Ask Your Doctor if You Have Diabetes
Health care is a team effort and you play an important role. You can make sure you get the best possible care by talking with your doctor and asking questions. Keep reading to learn why asking your doctor the right questions is an important part of your diabetes management.
5 Steps to Preventing Kidney Disease Before It Starts
You may have heard if you have type 2 diabetes, you have an increased risk of kidney disease, often called chronic kidney disease or CKD. Here, we explain what you need to know about preventing kidney disease, how your heart and kidney health is connected and the role of regular screenings.
Flu: There’s a Vaccine for That
Flu: There’s a Vaccine for That How the Flu Impacts People with Diabetes and Heart Disease People with diabetes or heart disease have a much...
What is Diabetes?
What is Diabetes? More than 37 million Americans have diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes. What are some common symptoms? Diabetes can present itself in a number...
Coordinating Your Care, Even When You are Sick at Home
Coordinating Your Care, Even When You are Sick at Home For those with diabetes or those supporting loved ones with diabetes, it’s important to be...
Taking Care of Your Mental Health
For people living with conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, anxiety and stress can be overwhelming. Now is a good time to take a breath,  look at some of your habits and see if you can make positive changes.
Know Your Numbers, Lower Your Risk
Know Your Numbers, Lower Your Risk Taking care of yourself and managing your diabetes can be overwhelming and stressful in our current times.  And while...