Christina Herrera

After losing her mother, father and younger sister to diabetes and heart disease, Christina knew she had to take control of her health and began to make lifestyle changes. As a Know Diabetes by Heart™ ambassador, Christina shares her “Take 2” moment and inspiration for living with a new purpose in this Type 2: Heart-to-Heart talk.

Eduardo Garcia

Food is distinctively connected to our heritage and culture, and a heart disease or diabetes diagnosis is often seen as a threat to our traditions. In this Type 2: Heart-to-Heart talk, Chef Eduardo Garcia shares how to reimagine how we cook and eat, taking a bigger bite out of this amazing life.

Felicia Hill-Briggs

In this Type 2: Heart-to-Heart talk, Felicia Hill-Briggs, Ph.D., brings her expertise in psychology and behavioral medicine to shed light on the unique emotional load of managing type 2 diabetes. She highlights the human component of daily health management in the context of real life.

Time for a heart to heart.

Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Health
Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease Management
Diabetes and Heart Disease
Diabetes and Weight Management
Type 2 Diabetes and Staying Active

People living with type 2 diabetes might also have high blood pressure or high cholesterol and this means a greater risk for heart attack or stroke.

However, managing your condition is one of the best ways to reduce your risk and help lessen the damage to your blood vessels and nerves over time.

Millions of people living with diabetes are taking care of their hearts and leading healthier lives, and you can join them.

Time for a heart to heart and diabetes type 2 (T2D)

Talk to your doctor.

The longer you live with diabetes, the higher your risk of heart disease and stroke — but the best course of action is a plan of action.

In addition to adjusting your diet and increasing your exercise, regular check-ins with your doctor can help you keep your diabetes in control and help lower your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Did you know?

Adults with diabetes are 2x as likely to have a heart attack or stroke than people without diabetes?