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Ask The Experts

Join us for a FREE, educational Ask the Experts Q&A series created to help tackle issues commonly faced by people living with diabetes and wondering about the relationship between diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Ask your question—online or on the phone—in a live Q&A with ADA diabetes experts. Share with anyone you know who may benefit from guidance to living well with type 2 diabetes.

Current Events

Getting Started – Organizing the Diabetes To Do List
Remembering to schedule appointments with the ophthalmologist, endocrinologist, podiatrist and more – it is hard to get organized with all the tasks that enable you to manage your diabetes.
Support During the Holiday Season
Even though holidays can be exciting, they can also add layers of stress and frustration. We’ll talk through ways to stay positive and enjoy this time of year.
Find Support From a Diabetes Educator
Listen-in to learn why everyone should have a diabetes educator on their team. We’ll talk about established diabetes education programs and how to enroll in one today.

Past Events

Prepping for Travel with Diabetes
By car, bus, train or plane—how do you plan for travel when you have diabetes? We’ll cover topics from taking a cooler full of food on your road trip, to eating out, to keeping your medication at the right temperature.
Health Insurance Planning
During this event we encourage you to ask about options for health insurance. We’ll talk through how to make sure you get considered for a medication or treatment you may need that may not be covered.
Diabetes takes a team—who’s on yours?
There are a variety of professionals that can help guide your treatment choices when you have diabetes. Discover who should be on your team.
Meal Prep During the Summer Months
We’ll talk about incorporating summer produce into healthy meals that are quick and easy. Learn how to follow the Diabetes Plate Method when you’re eating out, going to a summer BBQ, staying in and more.