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Ask The Experts

Join us for a FREE, educational Ask the Experts Q&A series created to help tackle issues commonly faced by people living with diabetes and wondering about the relationship between diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Ask your question—online or on the phone—in a live Q&A with ADA diabetes experts. Share with anyone you know who may benefit from guidance to living well with type 2 diabetes.

Current Events

Healthy Eating and Traveling During the Holidays
Join us for the Ask the Experts event, Healthy Eating and Traveling During the Holidays on December 13. The holidays can be a wonderful time with family and friends, but also a difficult time to manage your diabetes. Join us and ask our expert questions to help you balance diabetes management, travel, and the abundance of high carbohydrate foods and alcohol that can show up at holiday gatherings.
Diabetes Stress: Does it Differ from Clinical Depression?
People with diabetes are likely to have diabetes distress and are more likely to be diagnosed with depression than a person without diabetes. Ask your questions and get tips on how to cope with life’s added stress of having diabetes.
ATE en Español: La diabetes tipo 2 y la conexión familiar
Diabetes no solo afecta a la persona que la padece, también afecta a toda la familia. Incluir a miembros de la familia en las conversaciones con tu equipo.
Ask the Experts: Type 2 Diabetes and the Family Connection
Diabetes doesn’t just impact the person that has it, the entire family is affected too. Including key family members in discussions with your care team can help support you and ease the questions and concerns they may have about your health. Join us to decide whether you want to include your family members in your diabetes discussions or if you can be that support for someone else.

Past Events

Neuropathy and PAD: Minimizing the Risks of Amputation
We will review what steps you can take to prevent the risk of developing neuropathy and peripheral artery disease, and treatment strategies if you are already experiencing pain or numbness.
Transitional Periods of Life and Managing Your Diabetes
There may be times when life events change the way you manage your diabetes. Ask questions and learn where to find support during these times and the importance of revisiting your diabetes care and education specialist to help you on your new journey.
Ask the Experts en Español: Diabetes tipo 2 y riesgo de ECV
Únase a nosotros para el evento Ask the Experts (Pregunta a Los Expertos), Diabetes tipo 2 y riesgo de enfermedad cardiovascular el 12 de julio para conocer la conexión entre la diabetes y el riesgo de enfermedad cardiovascular. Haga sus preguntas y aprenda cómo reducir su riesgo de desarrollar complicaciones cardíacas y qué tratamientos están disponibles.
Type 2 Diabetes and CVD Risk
Join us for the Ask the Experts event, Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Risk on July 12 to learn about the connection between diabetes and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Ask your questions and learn how to reduce your risk of developing heart complications and what treatments are available.