Understanding Type 2 Diabetes – Vietnamese



Available in Other Languages: English / Haitian-Creole

Understanding Type 2 Diabetes – Haitian – Creole



Available in Other Languages: English / Vietnamese

Be Your Own Health Hero

Tips for Talking to Your Doctor About Kidney Health – Spanish

Use this guide for ideas about what to do before, during and after a doctor’s appointment. There are also questions you can ask about kidney and heart disease.


Available in English

Shared Decision-Making Guide

This guide explains how to develop a treatment plan with people with type 2 diabetes, their caregivers and other members of their diabetes care team, to help them start and maintain a successful plan


Understanding Type 2 Diabetes

Learn about type 2 diabetes, what it is, what the risk factors are, and how to come up with a plan with your health care professional.


Available in Other Languages: Haitian – Creole / Vietnamese

Questions to Ask Your Doctor